Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy in Private Practice

Do you want to expand your knowledge in Respiratory Physiotherapy and enhance your scope of practice?

'Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy in Private Practice' is your one stop shop to implementing effective, evidence based treatments to the respiratory cohort in your private practice.

Quality Assurance?

Our educational courses have been approved by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand as a Lung Learning Quality Assured Activity

Level 1 Course - Foundation Level Practitioner 

  • The demand for cardiorespiratory physiotherapy in private practice
  • Physiology of 4 primary chronic lung diseases: Asthma, Bronchiectasis (CF and non-CF), COPD, Interstitial Lung Diseases (Pulmonary Fibrosis, Silicosis etc)
  • Functional Lungs 5 Steps to Airway Clearance (Theory)
  • Implementation of airway clearance clinical reasoning (practical)
  • Unpacking Pulmonary Rehabilitation (theory and evidence)
  • Implementation of Functional Lungs Optimal Implementation Model of pulmonary rehab in the private setting (practical)

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Level 2 Course - Advanced Level Practitioner 

  • Applied physiology of advanced respiratory assessment techniques including lung function testing and thoracic ultrasound 
  • Physiology, assessment and treatment of complex respiratory conditions including: pulmonary hypertension and phrenic nerve injuries
  • Physiology, assessment and treatment of upper and central airway obstruction 
  • An introduction to dysfunctional breathing 
  • Re-thinking inspiratory muscle training: are we doing it correctly? 
  • Physiotherapy management of complex respiratory conditions (practical)

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Business Course

The Business of Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy in Private Practice.

  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages to your clinic location
  • Discuss the range of treatment cohorts and essential referral sources
  • Review billing, marketing and business channels relevant to respiratory physiotherapy in private practice.
  • Explore value based care
  • Provide strategic plans to optimise engagement of respiratory physiotherapy in private practice (practical)

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