Long Covid is a broad term used to describe people who continue to have symptoms of Covid-19 for more than 3 months after their infection. Because Covid-19 can effect people in so many different ways the symptoms of Long Covid can be vast and varying. Subsequently Covid-19 rehabilitation is not the same for every individual. We have two Covid-19 rehabilitation programs and each Covid-19 Rehab program is individualised based on their presentation and symptoms. 

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Long Covid Recovery Program

Our Long Covid recovery Program is designed for patients suffering from Long Covid with symptoms of post exertional malaise, chronic fatigue and autonomic dysfunction. This program is focused on patient centred rehabilitation and includes treatments;

  • Pacing
  • Symptom titrated physical activity
  • Breathing retraining
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Health and Rest
  • Modifications for autonomic dysfunction
  • Phased return to activity

For more information about Long Covid visit Long Covid Physio for in evidence-based free to resources.

Covid-19 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Our Covid 19 – Pulmonary rehabilitation program is designed for who have suffered cardiopulmonary deconditioning and a potential reduction in lung capacity due to Covid-19. They do not suffer from Long Covid and would benefit from supervised cardiorespiratory reconditioning.  This program is akin to pulmonary rehabilitation in other chronic lung diseases and includes;

  • Supervised exercise training
  • Breathing retraining
  • Respiratory Muscle Training
  • Ongoing assessment for Long Covid


Whilst we have two programs, they are not mutually exclusive and patients may require a combination of both programs depending on their individual presentation.  All programs are currently conducted with 1-1 therapy via video-consultation. Funding options for group-based programs and the establishment of clinical trials are continually being assessed.